Efficient implementation of MinHash, part 1, 2019

(with algorithms, custom data structures and a bit of SIMD)

Linux power tools: get and search source code in two minutes, 2019

Common pitfalls of using TCP, 2019

Guide to making high-quality thumbnails, 2019

Dangers of linking inline functions, 2018

Rationale behind Boyer-Moore algorithm, 2018

Scrum dysfunction, 2017

Scrum is an error. Full private ownership is the key to project well-being.

Practical Hadoop, episode 1: JOIN, 2017

Practical Hadoop, episode 2: SELECT, 2017

Practical Hadoop, episode 3: Towards Stability, 2018

Practical Hadoop: FAQ, 2019

Server-side programmers should support their software themselves, 2017

Why skill match is not enough, 2017

Storage subsystem performance: analysis and recipes, 2016

Article provides overall coverage of storage subsystem with main focus on performance. It is split into theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical part is dedicated to the components of IO stack with particular attention to modern data storage devices: HDD and SSD. Theory of operation provides the basis for explaining performance advantages and limitations of corresponding device; real-world test results are included as well. Practical part lists various methods of performance improvement and also gives hands-on advices about everyday tasks. Reader is expected to have previous experience of programming and system administration in Linux environment.

Supplementary benchmarking tool: drvperf

Andrei Gudkov: CV