Andrei Gudkov

Backend and bigdata architect

I create high performance 7x24 server and batch processing software. My previous experience includes third-largest Russian full-text search engine (Go.Mail.Ru), banking storage (Deutsche Bank), a number of bigdata-oriented startups. Please, have a look at my blog to get better understanding of my experience.

I am particularly interested in working on the following projects: search engines, databases, CDNs, advertising platforms, trading robots, image/video processing software, data mining, arbitrary 100TB+ dataflows.

I live in Moscow, Russia (UTC+3).

Core skills: big data, distributed computing and storage, full-text search, indexing, web crawling, data mining, multithreading, vectorization, networking, interviewing, project ownership.


Backend architect (remotely) 2015 September — ongoing
In recent years I has been working on bigdata startups, notably Lighthouse AI (smart security cameras), DCEngines (low-level, distributed data store integrated with Apache Spark). Usually I do whole-cycle development: provide initial blackboard design for discussion, create proof of concept, code, polish, optimize, test and deploy. I work on projects which are strongly focused on performance and data analysis.

I also write job-related articles in my spare time.
Lead Software Development Engineer at Deutsche Bank 2013 November — 2015 June
Head of group of Vertical Searches at Mail.Ru Group 2011 September — 2013 June
Mail.Ru Group is the leading Internet company in Russia. It operates public search engine among other services, which served 30 millions search queries daily as of 2013.
Software Developer at Mail.Ru Group 2010 September — 2011 August
Senior Software Developer at Nigma.Ru 2006 October — 2010 September
Nigma.Ru was a Russian metasearch engine with a variety of additional search and information services. At its peak, it had 20 employees and processed 1% of search queries in Russia.


Moscow State University 2004 — 2009
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics
University degree (5 years)