Algorithm researcher to work on Huawei Cloud

Here in Huawei Moscow Research Center we work on optimization problems that arise in all projects of our company. Our particular team is responsible for core Huawei Cloud algorithms, such as optimal placement and migration of virtual machines over physical hosts, batch job scheduling, network flow/congestion control, load forecasting and so on. We have never-ending stream of NPC problems and use a variety of methods to deal with them: network/graph algorithms, LP solvers, evolutionary algorithms, and, of course, a lot of heuristics. We are researchers: we do not have bugtacker, scrum or devops. MSU alumni with 10+ years of experience constitute the majority of our team.

Perfect candidate would be a veteran software engineer who feels overqualified to be a part of modern coding pipeline and instead would like to shift to more demanding disciplines, namely algorithms and applied math.

Minimal requirements are the following:

We also expect candidates to have one of the following:

If you are interested, please contact me directly at First step of hiring process is informal talk over the phone with me and other team members.